How to drink alcohol without causing liver damage

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It is known to be alcoholic. There is probably no type of alcohol that is good for health to the extent that doctors recommend drinking it regularly like milk. But we have ways to drink. and drinking other types of alcohol That doesn’t harm your health too much.

However, consuming alcohol does not have a negative effect on health at all. If you know how to choose the type and limit the amount you drink. Alcohol can also have a negative effect on your health. Because each type of drink has a different alcohol content. Resulting in different amounts of drinking.

How to drink without damaging your liver

Always choose to “eat food your stomach” first.

We ยูฟ่าเบท recommend drinking alcohol while your stomach has food. or even drink it with the food It will have less negative effects on the liver compared to drinking on an empty stomach. Because when we drink alcoholic beverages It passes through the stomach into the small intestine. And is absorb into the bloodstream then spread throughout the body. If we ate food before It takes 1-6 hours for alcohol to be absorb and reach its highest level in the blood. But if you drink it on an empty stomach for just 30 minutes or within 2 hours, up to 95% of the alcohol in the body will be eliminate by the liver, causing the liver to have to work harder. and breaks faster than before And acute hepatitis may also occur.

Choose the right amount to.

Drink the right amount of alcohol. Can help us be healthier. But how do you know what amount is consider appropriate if you’re after alcohol. Or whiskey, the appropriate amount of drinking will be 43 cc or 1.5 ounces, which is a simple measurement of 4.5 tall caps. But if it’s a beer type. Containing approximately 5% alcohol, 1 small can is consider good. Fruity girls like to drink wine with an alcohol content of about 8-12%. An appropriate drink of 1-2 glasses is enough.

Choose the “type” to be.

Knowing how to choose the type of alcoholic beverage to be. It will also help cause less negative effects on the liver and other organs. If you must drink It is said that the alcoholic beverage that seems to be the best of all types of drinking is red wine. Because red wine contains Resveratrol, a substance that helps slow down aging and helps reduce fat in the blood. Next will be white wine. Whiskey mixed with water And the worst thing is beer or anything fizzy. which is besides not good for the body It also makes the cells fat.